What are the license requirements for NZ motorcyclists? 

The minimum age is 25 years of age. LAMS approved riders on restricted licenses can rent our LAMS approved DR650 motorcycles.


What are the license requirements for overseas motorcyclists? 

To be able to hire our motorcycles in New Zealand, you MUST hold a full and valid motorcycle licence which allows you to ride a motorcycle in your own country and you MUST be 25. An International Driving Permit will be required if your normal licence is difficult to read, doesn't show the motorcycle endorsement or is in a foreign language.


Peninsula roads have patchy cell phone coverage, what happens if I strike trouble out of range?

On all tours a satellite based GPS location system will be carried by the guide.  This can be activated to either summon emergency responses or a call out to base for less serious assistance.  If you are riding solo we strongly recommend you carry a GPS locator unit, we have these for hire.


Can the bikes be modified for shorter riders?

A DR650 in standard trim has 885 mm seat height and is comfortable for a 5'10" + person (1.75m+), but can be lowered to 845mm to suit down to about 5'4" (1.6m).  Most are left stock, so let is know in advance if you are a bit on the shorter side.  We also have one Royal Enfield Himalayan (800mm seat height) available for shorter riders.